Following Brexit, you might be planning a traditional British budget seaside holiday in Blackpool, Cornwall, Devon or Dorset with your caravan. However, it’s likely you’re also concerned about keeping the family warm in your mobile home should temperatures fall.

Slimline Electric Radiators

Caravans tend to be extremely compact, so all heating appliances need to have space-saving designs. The good news is that our Vantage Electric Heaters are portable, slim-line, easy to install, and affordable. Furthermore, our radiators are simple to stow away during times when they aren’t required. If you opt for a model from our Vantage line, you can take advantage of the smart hub, which allows you to control the thermostat remotely from our custom mobile app, meaning you can protect your mobile home from damp.

Solar Panels

Notwithstanding the way that the British climate can be nippy, cloudy, with not many long stretches of sunshine, solar panels can still offer effective heating for your caravan. The newest solar thermal panels to hit the market can heat water to super-high temperatures in cold climates. Hot water from the pipes in the solar panels can be diverted into traditional radiators for room heating or stored in a tank for showering purposes. In comparison to solar PV panels, solar thermal panels are more efficient for heating solutions.

Double Glazing

Double glazed windows and doors can provide incredible energy savings to a residential dwelling, but were you aware of the fact that double glazing is also an upgrade option available to mobile homes? Such homes can benefit significantly from double glazing as it offers excellent heat and noise insulation properties. Consequently, mobile homeowners find themselves spending less on heating bills and are also able to sleep better at night due to less noise pollution. Furthermore, unlike single panes, double-glazed windows are completely water-tight, so help shield your mobile home from the elements.

Smart Features

While overcast, rainy days are not uncommon in the UK, once in a while we’re honoured with a few heatwaves. On those rare sweltering days, our range of economiser radiators will automatically adapt to the outside temperature to ensure they never overheat your caravan. Moreover, with adaptive start functions, waking up to an icy cold room will become a thing of the past if you buy one of our smart portable electric radiators.

Mobile Home Insulation

A well-insulated mobile home will enjoy lower heating costs than one that is ineffectively protected from the elements. Likewise, during the hot season, caravans with great insulation can enjoy lower AC running costs. It’s possible to insulate your caravan yourself on a very low budget. Professional mobile home insulation services are also available and are certainly worth the small investment.

The Sun

The best thing about daylight is that’s free — one of those gifts from the universe. On sunny days, heat rays from the sun can warm up a caravan exceptionally quickly. You simply need to ensure you open the blinds and draw the curtains for the greenhouse effect to take hold. However, on those super-hot days, be certain to keep the curtains and blinds shut.

Reasons to Consider Economiser/Vantage Electrical Radiators To Heat Your Caravan:

• Prices for Economiser and Vantage radiators begin at £395.00 and £260.10, respectively.
• Smart features integrated include adaptive start, open window detection, and energy usage monitoring.
• Installation time is minimal.
• Available in low-height designs to accommodate mobile homes.
• With every order a 10-year, or 30-year, subject to the radiator model, extended warranty is included.
• Radiators from the Vantage line are available with a smart hub add-on, which allows for remote thermostat control via a mobile app.