Benefits of Foot Insoles and orthotics

Devices inserted into shoes known as foot orthotics helps in balancing the foot in a neutral position and also ensuring that the foot is well cushioned from excessive pounding. Foot orthotics are made of various materials including leather, rubber, metal, plastic and other synthetic material for inserting into a shoe. Other than just using foot orthotics to cushion and balance the foot, one should also invest in athletic shoes that are well made. Other devices that can also be used for feet cushioning and shock absorptions are the soft arch supports and heel cups. There is custom made foot orthotics that are prescribed by doctors. Problems that may require a person to use custom made foot orthotics include the feet that are unusually shaped and feet that roll towards the arch. There are various problems that are likely to be controlled by use of foot orthotics include heel pain, ball of foot pain, arch pain, toe pain, pain experienced on the outer edge of the feet among many others.

There are also other devices used in the shoe known as insoles that act as a support for the bottom of the foot. Most insoles for use in shoes are removable. One has to consider several factors when purchasing a suitable foot insole. One is the size of the shoe where one has to get a well-fitting insole to fit in the shoe. One can choose either getting a full length or three-quarter length insole. when using both the existing insole and another foot insole, one would use a three quarter foot insole since the full-length insole will require the person to remove it first. One also has to know their foot arch type to get the most suitable foot insole for use. One should also get a suitable insole with the best footbed construction to suit one’s foot.A good foot insole should have a suitable footbed construction to enhance support. The material that has made foot insole should be well chosen such as foam, gel, leather and cork. A good material will enhance cushioning, pressure relief, support, and shock absorption. Problems such as knee pain, back pain and other body injuries are prevented by using foot insoles hence reducing fatigue, improving comfort as well as enhancing performance.

Foot orthotics can be used for various purposes such as immobilization of joints for various reasons, restriction of movement to a certain direction, assist movement as well as enhancing rehabilitation of a fracture once a cast has been removed. Most athletes, as well as other people, depend on custom-made foot orthotics to ensure proper alignment of the feet aligned ensuring that the muscles, joints, tendons, and bone are working efficiently, preventing injury as well as enhancing their efficiency.

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