School communication apps are an excellent way to improve the relationship between students and parents. These apps make it easier for parents to link with schools at instantly. Increased student’s involvement help enhance the learning experience. Parents, school administrators, and students all reap a lot of benefits from the impact of mobile-powered apps.

Benefits for Parents

Parents often lack enough time to meet teachers face-to-face or speak to them directly. There is a need to schedule phone calls ahead of time to ensure both parties can express their opinion. However, this may not be practical for teachers and parents with tight schedules. However, parents and teachers can use online communication platforms to discuss the performance of a student at anytime and anywhere. Smartphone and tablet apps such as ClassDojo allow direct access between parents and school administrators. Moreover, these apps eliminate the worry and stress of formal meetings and create a positive learning atmosphere for students. Many parents prefer text message notifications over phone calls and physical meeting. Mobile-powered apps not only keep parents aware of school activities but make it easier for them to receive updates regarding the academic performance of their kids. For example, email notification and text messages can be a powerful tool to enhance parental oversight of the educational status of their children. An app that sends an automated email or app whenever a student fails to turn in an assignment would spur parental involvement.

Benefits for Students

Parents-school communication creates a positive learning atmosphere. Parents who keep track of their children’s academic status can provide aid and support whenever needed. Research has revealed that children tend to perform better and stay in school longer when their parents are keeping track of their educational progress. Using mobile apps to transition all messaging between parents and teachers is an excellent way to make parents aware of school activities. Schools can use mobile technology to update parents of information such as school policy changes, reminders for school closures and holidays, and time to enroll students.

Benefits for the School

Many schools often have limited enrollment opportunities. As such, parents rely on mobile apps to respond to openings as soon as they arise. With mobile technology, parents with busy schedules will not miss an opportunity when there is an open enrollment slot. The increased use of smartphone and tablet apps has strengthened links between students, parents, and school administrators. In fact, these apps have made schools lotteries and waitlists efficient since parents can claim any open enrollment slot electronically. Moreover, mobile apps reduce the downtime between the time an enrollment slot opens and the time a waiting parent takes to claim it.

Overall, mobile apps enable parents to communicate with the school administration seamlessly without the worry and stress of meeting physically. Electronic notifications and updates increase parental oversight of student’s academic performance and allow parents to communicate with teachers directly. It’s an excellent way to make parents-school communication seamless. iOS and Android-powered apps make parent-school interaction more delightful.