Electronic Cigarette Guide: Choosing the Best Electronic Cigarette

If you are just starting out in the world of electronic cigarettes, navigating through the wide-range of options could be overwhelming. There are a lot of new e-cig models and modern versions coming out weekly, so there is really a high competition. Reading product reviews is valuable in your search for the perfect electric cigarette for you. This guide will help you think about the things you need to consider before making your e-cigarette purchase. Before making an e-cigarette purchase, take into consideration the cigarette-like appearance, vapor production, nicotine levels, batteries, flavors and overall performance.

The cigarette-like appearance may or may not be important to you, because most e-cigarette users look for something that can replicate the smoking experience without the associated risks on health. If you are concerned about the appearance, it is nice to know that all e-cigs have the resemblance of tobacco counterparts, but some are more so than others. Some brands of electronic cigarettes have orange-red glowing tip, with cigarette paper style faux-rings, speckled and beige-colored butts. However, as you get used to e-cig smoking, the cigarette-like appearance will not matter to you anymore. If you are after the real smoking-like experience, then the amount of vapor produced is extremely important. Most e-cigarette brands give a decent amount of vapor, but lesser than a cigarette which you can be more accustomed over time. Some best picked brands can give you the “throat hit” you’re looking for, with plenty of vapor in the make of electronic cigarette.

Nicotine content in e-cigarettes must satisfy your cravings, so if you are a heavy smoker taking 20 sticks per day, you need to find a good brand that offers 24 mg cartridges, but 18 mg cartridges are usually enough for most users. You must ensure that you have at least four different nicotine options, spread 6 mg apart if you are trying to reduce your nicotine consumption. Generally you will find electronic cigarette brands that may last up to 200 to 300 puffs, with thicker and longer varieties that provide most usage, requiring less charging. There are two types of battery namely automatic and manual, and most e-cigarette starter kits come with more than one battery, which is beneficial for you to be able to keep a spare in case the other one runs out. Automatic batteries activate when the user inhales, while manual batteries can be activated by pressing a button on the side. Electronic cigarettes have various flavors such as vanilla, coffee, chocolate, mocha and other unusual varieties, which set a huge difference from other brands.The Beginner’s Guide to Cigarettes

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