In today’s world of instant gratification, many businesses turn to delivery drivers to get things done quickly. When riders are delivering orders on motorcycle or scooter, the business owner is often held responsible if an accident occurs, and the company could potentially lose assets. Below are several steps business owners can take to prevent delivery drivers and riders from becoming a liability.

Get the Right Insurance Coverage

If a business offers delivery service, commercial auto coverage should be a top priority, as it allows the company to protect its assets in the event of a claim. While some business owners believe they don’t need commercial coverage because employees use their own vehicles, that’s not always the case. If an employee has a low level of coverage, they pose a greater risk to the business. When employees use their own motorcycles and scooters for deliveries, commercial coverage is a good idea in most situations.

Check Drivers and Riders’ Backgrounds

Business owners should strive to provide a safe environment for deliveries, employees, and customers. However, drivers can present certain liabilities. If a rider has a long list of offenses, they are more likely to get into an accident and cause the company to incur additional expenses. Before a company hires a rider or assigns them a delivery route, the manager should check their driving record.

Train Riders Properly

Before putting a delivery rider on a route, he or she should learn safe riding techniques. Some companies even require riders to take safety courses as a condition of employment, but all should keep a procedural manual on hand. While motorcycles and scooters aren’t always as safe as automobiles, training employees in industry best practices can reduce the risk of serious accidents.

Don’t Rush

Delivery businesses know it’s important to arrive on time. However, it’s important to avoid using timeliness as a reason to rush delivery riders. If someone rides while they’re rushed or distracted, they’re more likely to cause an accident. Some companies have implemented monitoring practices to ensure drivers don’t rush through their routes. If a rider causes an accident, a commercial insurer may not honor a claim, which can be costly to the business.