Coronavirus May Have a Significant Impact on Property Markets

Thanks to the current situation, many of us have remained cooped up in our houses or apartments for an unusually long time. However, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will affect more than just how you feel about your home and floor plan services. It is expected to have a significant impact on the global property market.

With the high unemployment rates, hefty pay cuts, business failures, and job uncertainties, it is quite understandable why a lot of people are reluctant to make the most significant investment of their lives – purchasing a home. As the demand for houses falls, so do the prices. This is what was experienced in the UK, the United States, and many other countries during the last recession and credit crunch.

The Nationwide house price index for May indicated a price decline of 1.7% from the previous month – the biggest drop since 2008 in the …


Distance Learning: Top Time Management Tips

Distance learning gives students the flexibility to study as well as choose the perfect time for their classes. While flexibility is what you need, these learning modules can be demanding and require more intensity than traditional style learning. The commitment that comes with distance learning is real. Distance learners have to juggle responsibilities at the same time, an experience that can be overwhelming for many. Among other things, one has to balance everything from studies, family, work, and any other personal commitments he/she might have.

Like any other course, the key to succeeding as a distance learner is by ensuring you are organised, disciplined, and most importantly, be able to manage your time well. Time management isn’t a piece of cake for everyone. For this reason, we have outlined a few tips and ideas on how to manage your time well while studying for your CMI level 7 in management


6 How to Write a Good Article With Product Descriptions Writing Service

Many people who know how to write articles in a smooth and orderly, but not many know how to write SEO friendly article. Many tips on how to write SEO friendly article on the internet, but not all of it applies, and there are some even already outdated by the development of the latest search engine algorithms, especially Google.

For that, I am presenting articles 6 most powerful way to write SEO friendly article most likely you do not know!

  1. Prioritizing User Experience

User experience or the user experience. This point I enter as the first point which I consider as the most important element in article writing SEO friendly. And later, other points contained in this article is also a lot to do with user experience. The purpose of the user experience here is the activity and user response when they browse our blog. Ranging from how long they …