If you have an interest in learning abroad from the comfort of your home, the choice of distance learning comes into play. If you obtain a degree from a university abroad, it’s an added merit to your career in the job world. This article focuses on 9 awesome universities in Europe that is great for distance learning. Please note that the prices listed in the article are as at March 2021 and are subject to change. If you are opting for an online course with any of the Universities, you should read British computer shops reviews on Britainreviews.co.uk to know the right computer to buy.

1.             Stockholm University, Sweden

This university has a whooping capacity of over 30,000 students. It is known for its intuitive way of learning in research when it comes to Human and science fields of learning. They mostly offer courses at the Master’s level. Its tuition fee is on the average side which is approximately 13,000 EUR for each academic year.

2.             University of Oxford, UK

This university is ranked as one of the most prestigious universities in the world with a quality education. It has one of the best professors worldwide with its intense requirements for admission.

3.             European University, Cyprus

This university is known for its contemporary ways and it has made waves and increased the quality of education throughout the region. As a result of the quality education they offer, their research and support systems for their online students is awesome. This university offers courses online at Bachelor’s and Master’s level and its tuition fee falls between 9000-9500 EUR for each academic year.

4.             Swiss School of Business and Management, Switzerland

This university is known as a privately owned university that provides studies in Business which is designated to cover the wants of several great companies and industries. This institution joins forces with a different organization to provide courses that would give the students confidence in the labour market. This university offers courses mostly at the Master’s level with an average fee between 600-15,000 EUR for each academic year.

5.             EU Business School, Spain

This university is also privately owned and it is located in Spain. It focuses mainly on Business and Management degrees with a relatively high tuition fee because funding is not gotten from the state. The fee ranges from 12,900 to 29,850 EUR for each academic year.

6.             Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

This university is one of the best institutions in Ireland for distance learning. They offer courses online only at the Master’s level with a tuition fee of 3500-11,200 EUR for each academic year.

7.             Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany

This university is one of its kind as it offers online courses to all students at no cost at all without taking cognizance of their nationality. Although for some online special courses, the tuition fee can be up to 9,500 EUR for each academic year. They offer courses online majorly at the Master’s level.

8.             International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Italy

This university is known for its renowned ability to offer degree courses online that is known all over Europe. It also can offer great advice in career to students that are ambitious to set achievable goals all through their studies. Their tuition fee starts between 1,600-3,200 EUR for each academic year.

9.             Wageningen University and Research (WUR), the Netherlands

This university is known for its prestige and quality and is rated among the best in the Country. They offer online courses at the Master’s level with a tuition fee of 670-2,100 EUR for each academic year.