Strategies of Personal Empowerment According to religions, life came into existence through the creator. It was the aim of the creator for man to live without problems. The plight of man can after he broke Gods command in the Garden of Eden. We can liken the life of man to a flower. A flower blossoms early in the morning and withers late in the evening due to a harsh weather. A person is born and later dies struggling with life. Expect people to encounter both pleasant and bad things in their life. We have the gift of life as one of the things people become proud of in life. People cannot live without food, water, and air. It is the creator who provides such things to man. God also created man and woman for companionship. It is through male and female friendship that procreation is continued. Men are vulnerable to challenges in their life. Some of the examples of forms of challenges that men face in life are infections, war, death, hatred, and lack of basic needs. It has been found for beings each and every time to suffer through war. We can give an example of cold world wars where people suffered a lot in the world. People fight with one another for selfish gain. Man is prone to diseases. Examples of types of diseases that attack man are bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Diseases make man to suffer physically, emotionally, psychologically, and materially. It is the desire of everyone to succeed in life. Expect some people to be hopeless in life after encountering daily challenges. Expect those people who bear fruits in their life to be confident at all times. It is very crucial for man to have personal empowerment in life. Personal empowerment is like an explosive in life. One can be able to overcome everything through personal empowerment. Personal empowerment can be achieved in life through a number of strategies. Personal empowerment can be gotten in life by setting goals. It is good for one to have long term and short term goals in their life. Successful people always work hard to attain their goals. You can be self-empowered through making choices. It is required for one to make choices regarding the possible outcomes. You can be self-empowered by doing meditation daily. Meditation enables one to relax their mind and body. People can be self-empowered by carrying out exercising activities. It is through participating in exercises that the body becomes flexible and strong. It is possible for one to be self-empowered by thinking positively every time. A successful person always sees things on the positive side. One can be self-empowered by doing one thing at a time.The Art of Mastering Courses

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