The Basics of Deadbolt Installation The best security measures are required to secure a business, this aspect is very important. The people having an interest in the business need to be able to trust its security and this will ensure its success. There are basic security measures that a business needs to consider. Exterior doors need to be secured sufficiently. It ensures that intruders cannot gain access and those in the business are protected. Deadbolt installation will ensure that the building is very secure. Deadbolts have different models with different abilities and they are the best for securing an exterior door. The level of security is dependent on the model one chooses. A Couple of factors should be considered when choosing the best deadbolt for a business. ANSI grade 1 is the deadbolt needed for commercial grade purposes. The American national standards institute states the specifications for the deadbolts required for commercial grade, and these specifications have to be duly met. One should look for certain qualities in a deadbolt. At least 250000 open and close tests need to be carried out on a bolt to guarantee it is good. A quality bolt cannot collapse when hammered up to 10 times. It should also go as deep as one inch into a frame. Intruders are kept away and security is very good when this bolt is used. It is recommended that an expert is chosen to do the installation as they are equipped with the required skills of how it is best done.
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There are double cylinder deadbolts and single cylinder deadbolts. It is important to know which deadbolt to go for. A double cylinder deadbolt will need a key to open and close from the inside and outside of the door. A key is not needed when opening a single cylinder door from either sides. If someone breaks in through a window, they cannot go further as the double cylinder bolt will prevent this. Businesses with many windows should get this bolt.
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The lock choice determines the safety level. Safety is vital and it should never be discredited. Though a double cylinder lock is very secure, it has its downside. The double cylinder makes it difficult for people to exit a building when an emergency happens. This fact is very crucial as the safety of the people in the building should be of utmost consideration. The windows cannot be broken into as they are made of tough glass. The single cylinder grade 1 guarantees to work well. All the above factors should be taken into consideration both the advantages and disadvantages. A locksmith will do the installation well.