Your resume is very important as it’s the face of your capabilities and accomplishments. In a span of few pages, you need to convey that you are one of the most competitive candidates for the position you’ve applied for. It does not matter for which position you are applying for; all that matters is the content in your resume.

 Most of us simply ruin our job cracking possibilities just by not paying attention towards the content or layout of the CV. Here are some tips for all the beginners who can implement the points and crack a job.

Vivid Resume Deserve Vivid Formats

Resume plays the first-hand role when you apply for an interview. It’s a self-introduction to who you are. If you are applying for a senior position, then it’s important that you a put cover letter that specifies your entire career highlights. For an entry level job, a cover letter is not mandatory, but it can be an added benefit if you manage to craft an impressive one, especially as a tester.

If you are a fresher, then it is better that you start writing your resume with the education qualifications and proceed ahead with the projects that you did in the form of your college internship or project works.

The recommended font, which is considered to be the most official, is Times New Roman 10 pt or 12 pt or Calibri 12pt. Use the popular word process – that is Microsoft Word and if you are sending your CV through email ensure that you do not use the latest version of the word processor as the receiver may not be having the latest version and he or she may face issues in rendering the file to compatibility of his or her system.

Develop a Price and Point-to-Point Executive Summary

HR managers get annoyed when they see vague executive summaries. The executive summary must precisely clarify to the reader why you are the right candidate for the position. Your skills must be used with perfect keywords that will help the HR to understand your actual capability. So, make sure that you put the skills in bullet points. For example, when you’re applying for Manual Testing Jobs, list down your experience, along with automation tools that you may have also worked with, such as Selenium etc.

Be Genuine

Do not over-say something, which you are not capable of. Do not say that you were working on a Mars project in case you worked on a project for developing a dummy of space shuttle. Be genuine as the HR would like to hire people who are genuine because it would be a real platform to perform and your genuine skills will pay.

However, for senior positions, HR conducts ground verification where they get the required information from the previous workplace of the selected candidate.

Apart from the above points, it’s advised to be professional and confident while you sit for an interview as your personality must match the content of your resume as well. Happy Career!