Design or bathroom theme is indeed important, but the selection of ceramics also needs attention. Sometimes, even though the bathroom size is smaller than other rooms, you unconsciously spend an excess budget to get the design and appearance of the bathroom to your liking. In choosing bathroom tiles, it is mandatory to record all expenses that you use. Make sure the bathroom tile selection matches the interior of the bathroom you want.

Here are some tips for choosing bathroom ceramics.

Prepare the budget for your needs

Prices and ceramic motifs today are quite diverse. You have to be more careful in choosing the bathroom ceramic. Choose ceramics with affordable prices and high-quality.

Adjust it with the type of bathroom

Ceramics have 4 most common types of coating, namely satin, glossy, textured ceramics, and matte. These four types of ceramics have a rough texture. For the bathroom area, you should choose a ceramic with rough texture to avoid a slippery wet floor.

Adjust the size of the floor with the size of the bathroom

To maximize the function of your ceramic floor, you must first measure the ceramic floor and align with the size of the bathroom you have. You can use large stone tiles so your bathroom will look more spacious.

Match the theme with the bathroom color

The next tip on choosing bathroom tiles is to adjust the pattern and also the color of the ceramics with the theme of the bathroom. You can try to combine white and gray colors to make the bathroom looks brighter and clean.

Choose ceramics according to their uses

The selection of bathroom floor tiles must be adjusted based on their use, whether for the bathroom floor or bathroom wall. For the floor, use ceramic with a rough texture, while for bathroom wall tiles, you can use slippery ones with interesting motifs and in harmony with the floor tiles.

Choose quality ceramics

The quality of ceramics is very important because it will be placed in areas where it gets exposed to water and moisture. To make your ceramics durable, use good quality ceramics, they won’t crack or break easily.

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