Indian Administrative Services, popularly known as IAS, is one of the sought after recruitment examination hosted by Union Public Service Commission every year. This exam is organized with the sole objective to select the commendable and deserving candidates and to offer them recruitment so as to serve the nation. IAS is considered as one of the premier civil services in India and thus, the exam for its recruitment is extremely difficult.

This recruitment exam is toughest among all competitive examinations in India and thus requires passion and preparation at the next level. Before stepping into the preparation of IAS exam or before giving IAS a try, it is mandatory to know each and everything about the same. As this exam is complicated therefore, preparation should be done as accordingly. Let us unfold some of the important things that you should know about IAS before actually preparing for the same.

IAS and its Importance

Look, IAS is a civil service exam and if you’ll qualify the same then you have to serve the nature with full courage and dedication. Realize what importance this exam holds and only then start preparing for the same. Are you interested in serving the nation or are you capable of serving the nation? Decide over this point and only then give a try to this premier recruitment examination.

Eligibility Criteria

If you have made you mind and have decided to take this exam then it becomes extremely important to determine your eligibility for the exam. Check whether you are satisfying all the eligibility norms or not and only then commence the preparation. The candidates should understand the value of their eligibility and note the fact that their eligibility will be verified at each and every level of selection. If they’ll find ineligible at any stage then strict action would be taken against them. Aspiring aspirants should be graduated in any stream from any recognized university of India.

Exam Pattern and Syllabus

You can’t win the fight without weapons and same fact is applied to IAS examination. One cannot qualify this reputed exam without knowing the actual syllabus and exam pattern. Go through the syllabus of exam and check what subjects are included in the same and only then step into its preparation. Knowledge of each and every concept is the key to your success.

Selection Criteria

As a beginner you might browse the internet to know about the exam and thus to help you out, we have mentioned the exact detail which you actually need to know about IAS exam. Final recruitment is so far as the candidates need to go through three different selection stages to reach their destination. These 3 stages are:

Look, each and every stages holds importance of its own and the aspirants need to qualify all of them so as to get the final recruitment. Prelims exam is qualifying in nature and will choose the candidates for the final exam and same theory is applied to the main examination. Based on the performance in all three stages, the candidates will get final recruitment.

Update with the current competition

Do you know, every year almost 4 lakhs students take this prelims exam and only 15000 students (approximate figures) will get selected for the mains and out of them near about 1000 candidates will get the chance to face the final interview round? I think these approximate figures are enough to describe its competitiveness and toughness level. See, this exam is not everyone’s cup of tea so it is important to know the current level of this exam, determine your capability and only then give IAS a try. This exam requires lots of hardship and effective strategies. Not everyone is capable of doing such a hard work and thus not everyone can become an IAS officer. Apart from this, as this is a government service exam, therefore, reservation policies cannot be overlooked. If you belong to the general category then the toughness level of this exam increases manifolds.

Mostly, the students before knowing the basic fact blindly jumps into the preparation for this exam but this is just a waste of time. Try to collect the above mentioned information, ascertain that whether you are capable of this or not and only give a try to this premier examination.