Fun Kids’ Games For Halloween

Everybody is excited over Halloween coming up and it is not limited to the children only. Seeing that your kids are really looking forward to Halloween you can make it special for them this year. This time you may want to explore other things other than the usual trick or treating that the kids will remember for quite some time. You will be surprised at how many options of DIY games there are and how easy they are to set up. In this article, we will only focus on a few of the many DIY games.

Many kids love to play the eyeball hunt during the Halloween. For this game you will need cooked pasta that has been left to cool and a couple of marbles that have been dropped in the pasta. The children are usually blindfolded to make the game more exciting. The aim of this game is for the blindfolded kids to get the eyeballs from the brain. In this game the pasta is the brains of the zombie while the eyes are the are the marbles. The way the eyeball hunt is played, the children are given space to be mischievous and messy like they love.

You can also play Halloween balloon pop. The shrieks of shock fear and delight as the kids pop the balloon will make your day. Make provision for each kid to have a balloon tied to their feet then the game can begin with each trying to burst each other’s balloon. The purpose of the game is for children to strive to protect their treasure which is their balloon, while trying to remove others from the game; a game that tests their keenness. A treat is given to the winners of the game who are children who were able to protect their balloons from being burst.

Most children love this game which is a twist of the traditional treasure hunt. It is advisable to play this game indoors or in the back yard so that you can make sure the children are secure as they play. Let the treasure be something that the kids can enjoy finding like Halloween costumes, toys, and candy.

There is also a game known as the mummy’s tomb that children can play in Halloween. The children can be divided into teams with each team choosing a mummy. The competition is in the wrapping the mummy up in tissue paper. This game is simple yet thrilling for the kids.

Last but not least on our list is the Zombie tag. The kids all stand in a circle and make ‘zombie faces’ but one kid does not instead they make a funny face in a bid to make the other kids laugh so that they can be eliminated leaving a winner who will resist the urge to laugh.

Get to know these fun games and play with your kids this Halloween and see how delighted they will be.