The key to successfully cracking the IBPS RRB Exam 2018 is the right amount of preparation. The chances of selection go up several notches when the candidate is well prepared in every aspect of the exam. Though there are lakhs of candidates vying for the top spots, proper amounts of preparation do not keep the top spots out of reach. Each of the sections needs separate and well-rounded planning if you want to have a shot at clearing the examination. Given below is a brief idea on how you should prepare for each section.

General Reasoning

This is one of the most popular sections among the candidates as they get to score high in here. Practice as many types of reasoning questions as you possibly can. Make sure that you make yourself well-versed with the basics first before moving on to the shortcuts. Candidates tend to forget the shortcuts if their basics are not that well bushed up. A section of questions for this part comes in the form of comprehension passages and to finish it in time you need up your reading speed. You need to read and understand the question fast.

Quantitative Aptitude

The questions for this part depend on heavy analysis, and so it is a time-consuming affair. The vast syllabus that is to be covered for the Quantitative aptitude is also a reason for worry. Some of the topics that come under this section include profit and loss, number series, percentages, simplifications, simple and compound interest, time and distance problems, and so on. Begin by making a list of the topics. Take one topic each day and tick it off from the list. After you are done solving and understanding the topic individually, to understand your level of preparedness, go for the tests that only have Quantitative aptitude questions.

General Awareness

This section is easier when you compare it with other sections. All you need to do is read the question carefully and then hit the correct answer. There are no deductive techniques involved in scoring high for the General Awareness section. The tip here is to read and make a note of all things learned. Majority of the questions for this part come from the current affairs. So, make a habit of reading the daily newspaper thoroughly to know what recent activities are going on in the country. Focus more on banking, economy, banking terms, marketing, and awards.

English language

This section should come easily to you if you are well acquainted with the basics of English grammar. Your focus should be on practicing the comprehension skills as questions mainly come in that format. Enriching your vocabulary helps too, and the more words that you can learn and remember, the better are your chances of attempting more questions. In this case, too, you need to read fast as taking up time in reading each question would mean losing away valuable time from answering the questions. Hone your grammar knowledge as much as possible before sitting for the exams.

These section-wise tips will surely come in aid of you to study and prepare in the right way. So, start working hard from today to have a chance at acing the IBPS RRB Exam 2018.