Various Advantages of Triple Glazed Windows

It won’t be wrong to say that triple glazed windows haven’t gained as much popularity in the UK as is the case in other, colder countries. Colder countries such as those in Scandinavia witness extreme winter weather conditions and this is the reason triple glazed windows have been a standard fitment in those countries. UK residents do not have to endure such harsh conditions but still, the winter months are too cold and you also have to contend with the ever-increasing energy prices. While insulating the floors, walls and roof of your home should keep your house warm during those cold winter months, neglecting the windows in your house can lead to condensation as well as cold spots.

Triple Glazing – Points to Consider

There are many advantages of installing triple glazed windows in your home. However, not all the triple glazed windows sold in the market are the …


Coronavirus May Have a Significant Impact on Property Markets

Thanks to the current situation, many of us have remained cooped up in our houses or apartments for an unusually long time. However, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will affect more than just how you feel about your home and floor plan services. It is expected to have a significant impact on the global property market.

With the high unemployment rates, hefty pay cuts, business failures, and job uncertainties, it is quite understandable why a lot of people are reluctant to make the most significant investment of their lives – purchasing a home. As the demand for houses falls, so do the prices. This is what was experienced in the UK, the United States, and many other countries during the last recession and credit crunch.

The Nationwide house price index for May indicated a price decline of 1.7% from the previous month – the biggest drop since 2008 in the …


How the Covid-19 Pandemic is Greatly Affecting the Fashion Industry

This pandemic has had a large effect on virtually every industry in the world including supermarkets, businesses and health services, putting everyone under a lot of pressure. Businesses have seen effects on opening hours and when they can restock their shelves. It is also affecting the fashion industry, from mainstream bikinis to plus size women’s jeans, something that is to be expected when you are dealing with a global health crisis of this magnitude because of Covid-19.

Many people regard the fashion industry is frivolous, especially when you are comparing this to the industries that are fighting to keep people alive or provide food for the masses, yet it does play a very important role. The fashion industry has been affected just like everyone else;  many fashion-workers have been left unemployment or furloughed, and this could be people such as seamstresses, designers, artists, and many more.

Different countries have …


The Most Effective Mobile Home/Caravan Heating Solutions

Following Brexit, you might be planning a traditional British budget seaside holiday in Blackpool, Cornwall, Devon or Dorset with your caravan. However, it’s likely you’re also concerned about keeping the family warm in your mobile home should temperatures fall.

Slimline Electric Radiators

Caravans tend to be extremely compact, so all heating appliances need to have space-saving designs. The good news is that our Vantage Electric Heaters are portable, slim-line, easy to install, and affordable. Furthermore, our radiators are simple to stow away during times when they aren’t required. If you opt for a model from our Vantage line, you can take advantage of the smart hub, which allows you to control the thermostat remotely from our custom mobile app, meaning you can protect your mobile home from damp.

Solar Panels

Notwithstanding the way that the British climate can be nippy, cloudy, with not many long stretches of sunshine, solar panels …


Looking for Specialist Logistic Needs? Rhenus High Tech UK is the Answer!

Every company needs logistics services. Sometimes, companies have difficulty finding specialist logistics companies whose quality is guaranteed. Now, Rhenus High Tech UK as the best logistics service provider in the UK is ready to provide specialist service with a number of advantages, namely:

1.The Largest Logistics Specialist Company in the UK

Rhenus High Tech UK is ready to provide logistics services in several locations, such as Glasgow, Manchester, Milton Keynes, and Ashford. In addition, Rhenus also provides services that are spread in many countries on 4 continents. 

2. Ready to Handle Various Business Sectors

Rhenus High Tech UK is ready to provide specialist logistics services in various business sectors, ranging from server relocation specialists, installation of various high-tech technologies such as Access Control, Banking & Retail, Fitness, Health Tech, IT & Data, and others.

3. Providing Logistics Needs as You Wish

Only in Rhenus High UK, you can instruct …