Ensure Your Pond Cleanliness By Using the Right Equipment

Just like a regular house, having a pond also requires maintenance and proper care to ensure that the inhabitants are healthy and happy. You may have with you a filtration system and regular spot clean to ensure that the pond is having a healthy ecosystem but you need to remember that at least once a year, your pond requires clean out.

If you will have a full pond clean out, you will be able to reset the environment of your pond. You need to repair the fixtures, attend to the plants, and remove the muck buildup so that the pond’s inhabitants will remain happy and healthy.

You may consider pond clean out to be an overwhelming work since you will have to exert more time and effort for it, but it’s actually not. With the help of this article, pond clean out becomes easier.

To begin with, don’t forget to properly prepare your holding tank. Holding tanks are actually the ones that your fishes hang out while you are doing your clean out. The size may vary depending on how big your fish is. Once you have prepared the holding tank and placed in a cool shaded place just near your pond, you can already pump water the pond into your holding tank. The tank doesn’t have to be filled completely for as long as the fishes are already comfortable with the water level.

You must also consider using a pump sock that will help your pond pump from preventing the suck up of large debris or even blocking it. This will also prevent from sucking up your fish. Large fishes often avoid going nearer to a pump but if in case there will be curious fishes, a pump sock is your best option.

Another tip is for you to catch your fish only when the water from your pond is one-foot level. The reason for this is that your fish will have limited area to hide and it is easier for you to catch them. But you need to be gentle when you use your fish net.

It is also recommended to use a power washer instead of a hose to ensure that the cleaning is sufficient especially the removal of the muck.

Don’t forget that you should also check on the lighting and your plants of your ponds and to do so, ensure that the pond is drained. By doing so, it will not be difficult for you to check for overgrown plants. Also, this will be your opportunity to check on the entire low areas of your pond if there’s any sign of damages and other problems.

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