Nowadays, continuous improvement of the education system by universities is extremely important.  The Cracow School of Economics and Information Technology aims to educate future graduates in an appropriate and innovative way.  Modern technologies are used for this.

 How does WSEI – an innovative university in Krakow teach?

WSEI offers students comfortable and modern rooms with various teaching aids.  The university library is richly equipped with various necessary scientific publications, thanks to which students can broaden their knowledge.  Many of them are available online, so many people can use them at the same time.  In the library there is also a possibility to rent a laptop for learning.  The reading room is equipped with modern computers facilitating education and searching for necessary materials.

Technology Park at the heart of WSEI

To support the development of IT projects for students and scientific employees, the University of Economics and Information Technology has created a unique place – Technology Park.  It is an innovative place that combines business and science.  At this point, the implementation of modern technologies that affect the creation of the commercial market takes place.  The Park establishes a cooperation with creative, intelligent and hardworking people – in a word – with the best.  Here, people with interesting ideas can get space, support and facilities to complete their projects.  Those who stand out from others may receive an internship or apprenticeship at the Technology Park of the University of Economics and Information Technology in Krakow.

Unconventional teaching methods

Outside the Park, students of various WSEI majors can use modern technologies to learn.  The school meets the expectations and habits of young people.  Available to students is an educated scientific team that is meticulously recruited.  Lecturers are practitioners of their fields, thanks to which the things that they provide to students are of great value.  Teaching staff is open to dialogue with their pupils and joint projects.

The University of Economics and Computer Science has prepared for students Erasmus student exchange, which allows you to acquire many practical skills and new abilities, as well as exchange experiences with foreigners.  The university also provides education in English, which definitely raises the prestige of science.

In WSEI, we focus on practice, which is why many of the classes are workshops, seminars and laboratories.  Students have the opportunity to complete certified Microsoft courses and the Polish Accountants Association.  To help graduates get a job, the Careers Office was created.

Prestigious school in Krakow

The University of Economics and Computer Science through the use of modern teaching technologies is a prestigious university that guarantees success and develops wings on the labor market.  This translates into the success of the school and its extremely high popularity.