Steps in Owning Real Estate in Guam Every year, thousands of new arrivals from members of the US Military and the US Department of Defense are assigned to Guam with their families and, not being familiar with Guam, relocating there is a challenge, especially finding a home in an island away from their homeland. These are step procedures to either buy or rent a home in Guam. Consider first making a checklist where you can jot down what you are looking for in a new home, before you start looking for one, such as the kind of neighborhood, the school districts, church, nearby supermarket, as well as the house amenities. When you have made a checklist of things to consider for a new home, discuss these things to a real estate agent, who will be just as eager to help you with your home plans, as well as discuss with you on how to get started on a house loan, and the real estate costs in relation to its location and neighborhood.
Where To Start with Homes and More
After the first meeting with the real estate agent, expect that he/she will provide you previews of houses that are available in the market and will schedule house tours for you to conduct an ocular inspection over the houses which you selected in the given previews. When you’re in the process of house tours, be sure to ask as many questions as possible which pertains to the house features, the prices of each house, the market value of the house in a particular neighborhood, and a possibility for negotiating on the house cost.
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After sometime, a home purchase offer will be presented by the real estate agent, which should be tailored to your specifications, including the application for a house loan. Once the home purchase offer is amenable to you, a cash deposited is required from you and made to the seller to secure the offer to buy the property, such that if the seller accepts the cash deposit, the purchase process should be close within a month or more, just enough time for your mortgage financing. The process time of a month or more should be a good time to negotiate and make a counter offer, such that if there is a final agreement to the house price, a contract will be provided signifying the first step to owning the house. When you work out your loan, as soon as the contract deal is complete, the real estate agent will deal with all the property information which the lender will need to close the loan. Be clear that the closing costs are included in the loan amount, such that when the loan is approved and the closing costs are complied, the real estate agent will also work out on the title of the house, and in a few days more, it’s time for you to move into your new home.