This pandemic has had a large effect on virtually every industry in the world including supermarkets, businesses and health services, putting everyone under a lot of pressure. Businesses have seen effects on opening hours and when they can restock their shelves. It is also affecting the fashion industry, from mainstream bikinis to plus size women’s jeans, something that is to be expected when you are dealing with a global health crisis of this magnitude because of Covid-19.

Many people regard the fashion industry is frivolous, especially when you are comparing this to the industries that are fighting to keep people alive or provide food for the masses, yet it does play a very important role. The fashion industry has been affected just like everyone else;  many fashion-workers have been left unemployment or furloughed, and this could be people such as seamstresses, designers, artists, and many more.

Different countries have been affected in a variety of ways and it is moving through each one at a different rate. For example, in the UK, many people can work at home during the pandemic, but for those who are not able to, they are actually encouraged to go back to work, and they have even made it known that outside leisure time and exercising is still allowed.

There are places like France where there has been a severe lockdown because of how Covid-19 has affected their country, and at the same time, the fashion industry is still struggling like many other industries.

Places like Bangladesh are facing humanitarian crises, yet there have been luxury fashion groups that have donated quite a bit to these causes, and there are many ways that this industry adapts to the coronavirus.

Lockdown Lifted for French shoppers

On Monday, May 11, directly after the lockdown was lifted in France, there was much activity online in the form of videos and pictures of shoppers flocking to fashion shops such as Louis Vuitton.

In Paris, there was a report from The Telegraph that stated Zara displayed a poster with well-wishes, whereas other reports showed department stores where shoppers were forced to use a mask and hand gel before they could go in. This was one of the first times the world had seen these safety measures.

Many shoppers that were not happy about the circumstances, and yet they filled up the checkout stands and took clothing off the rails. Business is certainly not back to normal in all parts of that country, including Paris, because there are tight controls that have split the country into both red and green zones.

France’s lockdown lift, at least for the European fashion industry, serves as some indication of what will happen in the next few months.

As “nonessential” workers, some members of the fashion industry often feel like they are not taken seriously during the pandemic, whereas fashion influencers and celebrities are finding other ways to contribute.

There are certain Instagram stories which have talked about Doctors without Borders and other charities trying to contribute positively.

Some magazines stated that they simply wanted to help charities with fundraisers during this time of need, according to ELLE UK.

It is becoming apparent that fashion is something that can be a vehicle by which you can have a very positive response. You will continue to make money, as long as you can, and also raise money to help the awareness of the outbreak and also of small brands.

Bangladesh Cancels Fashion Brand Order

There are so many closures of shops and a downturn in sales that Forbes magazine has stated that billions of pounds in orders from Bangladeshi suppliers has lead to a humanitarian crisis.