Reasons Why It Is Illegal to Make Fake Stubs

A pay stub is also referred to as a pay advice or a pay slip. A pay slip indicates the amount of salary that was deposited in an employee’s account. The stub contains the gross amount, deductions and the net amount. The main deductions on a stub are; insurance premiums, taxes, pension scheme deductions and the organization contributions. Today the stubs are used in borrowing money, renting houses and homes and most importantly as a proof of payment.

Today, many employees and workers download their stubs from their companies and businesses’ website. Today, we have many people who produce fake stubs. A fake stub is used in deceiving someone that you deposited some salary in his/her account. Is It Illegal to make fake pay stubs? Yes, it is and the following are the reasons.

The making of fake stubs is a forgery. Forgery is unlawful. Since the original stubs have features such as stamps, watermarks, and seals, one must find ways to incorporate these features on the fake stub in order to have a copy which looks like the original. In order to get the stamps, seals and the signatures needed, one must liaise with the relevant officials. This results in bribing which is corruption.

The counterfeit stubs give false benefits. One is supposed to provide a pay slip in order to be issued with a loan, given a car or a real estate property. Once a bank, car dealer or real estate investor realizes that you have provided a fake stub, he/she will deny you the loan, you will not own the car and the real estate property respectively. One may also be charged with forgery in a court of law. Obtaining of fake pay slips also leads to the collapse of businesses.

The fake stubs make people think you are rich. Upon producing fake stubs, all people will believe you have money in your account and you may end up getting some favors. The fake stub may also be used to request loans from your friends and relatives.

The fake pay slips have incorrect information and figures. Since the people who produce fake stubs have little knowledge on the production of payslips, they will definitely do some miscalculations. They may also misspell some words and place decimal points in the wrong places which may lead to unreal figures.

A fake pay slip may be used in refraining from the financial responsibilities. In order for your friends and relatives to think that you have a low income, you may produce a fake stub. The financial responsibility will then be transferred to another individual.

These are the reasons why it is illegal to produce a fake pay slip.

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