How a Panasonic PBX Can Help Boost Customer Service Panasonic telephone systems Dubai companies rely on can effectively help improve your customer service. That’s because, among other features, a Panasonic PBX comes with features designed to help improve the quality of phone communications between support staff and customers. To always get your customers satisfied, follow these guidelines for utilizing the capabilities of PBX telephone communications at the office: The Mobility Feature One way to ensure great customer service is to make a provision for callers to reach company representatives including when the targeted employee has left the office. Provided that a prospective customer is calling within office hours, you can leverage the mobility capabilities of your IP-based Panasonic PBX to enable users to access your office phone communication network from anywhere there’s a fast internet connection and an appropriate mobile device. Connecting your office phone to an IP network eliminates the need for users to be at the office to utilize this resource.
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When you’re a company handling plenty of customers each day, you may expect that many of them will be contacting your support team every day for help with specific issues. Therefore, it’s appropriate to employ the right size of support staff to receive inbound calls from valued customers each day. Yet, you have to select a Panasonic PBX office phone system that can simultaneously support the number of users you have for your customer care desk every instance. Some of these systems are built for only five users, while others accommodate thousands of phone connections at the same time. The multi-user feature is very important when you need a reasonable number of your everyday callers attended to by a human receptionist. Quality Improvement Training You can rely on a PBX phone with coaching tools to help staff improve the quality of their phone engagements with customers. One such tool is barge, which allows a supervisor to “eavesdrop” on a phone call between a staff member and customer without necessarily alerting the staff. Also a viable tool, whisper makes it possible for a superior to listen in on a telephone conversation and provide information in undertone to an agent, who may then share it with the caller, or give directions for what the agent should do in response to a particular customer’s demands. You’ll also find call recording vital to your overall customer service improvement objectives. Although the feature is not right for on-the-call training, recorded calls can always be reviewed to help pinpoint aspects that your personnel need to hone for quality improvement. When selecting Panasonic telephone systems Dubai has today, don’t leave out features that can help improve customer service.