Many people who know how to write articles in a smooth and orderly, but not many know how to write SEO friendly article. Many tips on how to write SEO friendly article on the internet, but not all of it applies, and there are some even already outdated by the development of the latest search engine algorithms, especially Google.

For that, I am presenting articles 6 most powerful way to write SEO friendly article most likely you do not know!

  1. Prioritizing User Experience

User experience or the user experience. This point I enter as the first point which I consider as the most important element in article writing SEO friendly. And later, other points contained in this article is also a lot to do with user experience. The purpose of the user experience here is the activity and user response when they browse our blog. Ranging from how long they read, the response to the article is read, how many pages they open, web parts where they click, and so on. Logically, the longer and stand them in a web, the increased quality of the content of the web. Content quality is one of them. Other factors that affect the user experience, for example:

  • Design a Website / Blog professional
  • Easy navigation
  • The size and type of font that is easy to read
  • Minimize spelling errors (typo)
  • Interactions good (comments, discussions, share, etc.)
  • Speed of loading
  • Responsive design

To minimize writing errors, such as typing errors, font sizes and so please check  this product descriptions writing service

  1. Use Keyword in Article Title

This is mandatory if you want more easily compete in the SERP. Because the title is the first element in the crawl Google to determine the topic of an article. Laying the best keywords in the title is the beginning of the word. See Also product descriptions writing service

  1. Use Titles Featured

Not just interesting or fishing, but a title that is able to bind so that they read your content and satisfied with what you get. In addition to making the readers be comfortable, also can be utilized for the title of the sales page and landing page.

  1. Write Articles Long & In

Many argue the longer articles the better the ranking in search engines. This opinion can be true, it could be wrong. Again, back to the first point, depending on its user experience. If you could write a long article while maintaining the user experience then, of course, it’s nicer. Read more product descriptions writing service

  1. Reduce Use of Bold, Italic, Underline

It is also one of the old school technique that is sometimes misused. Using bold signs (solid line), italic (slash) and underline (underscore) function to help the search engines identify the words that are important in our article. But in practice, many who use it excessively and apply it only to keywords in the viewfinder only. Maybe it could be a little help in terms of strengthening the keyword, but in terms of user experience, very bad.

  1. Use short URL and Contain Top Keyword

Slightly different from the title of the article, permalink nice not rich keyword variations, but that is easily detected by the search engines what the main topic of the article.