5 Great Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy Dogs are among the most popular pets kept today. The work of the dogs includes guarding, leading people who cannot see and as sniffer dogs to smell illegal substances like explosives and drugs. They offer good friendship and are loyal if treated with dignity. Dog health should be of great importance if you aim to get the best relationship with your dog and keep him happy. To ensure your dog is healthy, follow these points. A proper diet is needed for the dog’s good growth. Lack of a good diet brings problems such as weight loss, wear of teeth and unhealthy fur. Inappropriate diet also contributes to the dog having weak joints and eyes that are dull and lack brightness. Avoid cooked foods and commercial pet food that usually have preservatives. Include supplements and vitamins in the dog’s diet. A good diet will strengthen a dog’s immune system, maintain intestinal health and keep it mentally sharp. Exercise plays a great role in the health of the dog. Dogs should be walked from time to time to give them strong joints and stretch their muscles. Dogs with weight that is greatly above average can get heart illnesses and diabetes. Obesity can also shorten a dog’s life. Day to day exercise will increase the lifespan of the dog. Dogs need medical examinations by a reliable veterinary doctor from time to time. Vaccinations should be done from time to time. By vaccinating your dog, one is assured that they are immunized against certain diseases. These examinations can uncover health issues that you are unaware of. Catching the disease in its early stages makes treatment easier and less expensive. By visiting the veterinary from an early age, it’s easier to get all the past medical records. This teaches the dogs to be comfortable with veterinary doctors from when they are puppies. Proper grooming and care is vital to the health of the dog. A dog that is not well groomed is not happy, is unattractive and is at risk of diseases. This includes brushing of the coat which stimulates the skin and removes excess fur from the coat. Nails should be trimmed to avoid excess growth which can cause breaking. Infections can be avoided by cleaning the wax from the ears of the dog. There are dogs whose hair grow very fast, therefore it should be cut from time to time. Mental stimulation is also important for dogs. By participating in activities, their minds stay sharp. Teaching the dog tricks and commands can be incorporated. Having play objects stimulates their minds. By engaging in these activities, owners and their dogs learn how to socialize together. These are good pointers to ensuring optimal health for your dog.

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