Repairing Foundation Cracks Owning a home or a building is a great responsibility that needs to be taken very seriously. Responsibility for maintenance and care is necessary as these are places that must be safe and secure for all that live or work there on a daily basis. The foundation having problems are unfortunately a major concern for millions of homeowners and building owners. There are natural disasters and weather storms that can make these problems start. The soil is one of the big reasons that people may start noticing a shift in the land or in the home. Soil shifting and moving often happens due to changes in land or after storms and even a small shift can begin to cause damage that slowly seems to get worse. There are some issues with the foundation that are noticed immediately and others that are more insidious and hard to diagnose. A foundation crack is commonly a noticeable issue and happens to many home and building owners. It is important to figure out what type of crack you are dealing with and if it is affecting the building. A number of things must be looked for to be able to diagnose if it is a significant issue. Underlying issues that aren’t readily apparent should be analyzed as well. Cracks that are longer than an inch and growing are likely going to be significant and need to be further analyzed. The inspection of the property should always be done with experts as they are the ones that know what to look for and how to inspect every little thing that needs to be inspected. Little cracks that aren’t due to underlying issues more severe may need to be repaired with a special sealant so as to protect the property from water getting in.
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These sealants are often sold at home improvement stores and are made specifically for foundation repair. Foundation repair contractors or businesses should be hired for repairing any foundation concerns that arise. Major structural problems need to be taken care of by a professional as they have the tools and knowledge that are needed to ensure that all is done correctly. There may need to be repairs done that are below the foundation and that require the digging of a trench and the lifting of the structure so that it is at the level that it needs to be for safety. Other options for repair may be filling the concrete slab properly so that it rises up where it needs to be. Minor repairs can be fixed pretty quickly with the right expert there as they know what they are doing and how to do it.4 Lessons Learned: Repairs