Tip To Maintain The Optimal Study-Life Balance At University

If you’re finding it hard to deal with your uni workload and feel like burnout is inevitable, take a few moments to read our 6 tips for achieving an optimal study-life balance.

1. Don’t Neglect Your Friends and Family

Spending regular time with your friends and family is crucial to your well-being. Real-life interactions and human connections will improve your mood immensely when you’ve just spent hours working on computer screens. Student summer storage in Leicester might just be something you need if you are one of many thousands of students migrating to Leicester for university.

2. Make Sure Your Goals Are Realistic

Setting goals is only helpful if such goals are realistically achievable. Spending every hour of your awake time studying will be impossible to sustain and not necessarily helpful to your grades. If you attempt it, you’ll soon feel drained and demoralized as you struggle to take in …