Tips in Choosing Ceramics for Small-sized Bathroom

Design or bathroom theme is indeed important, but the selection of ceramics also needs attention. Sometimes, even though the bathroom size is smaller than other rooms, you unconsciously spend an excess budget to get the design and appearance of the bathroom to your liking. In choosing bathroom tiles, it is mandatory to record all expenses that you use. Make sure the bathroom tile selection matches the interior of the bathroom you want.

Here are some tips for choosing bathroom ceramics.

Prepare the budget for your needs

Prices and ceramic motifs today are quite diverse. You have to be more careful in choosing the bathroom ceramic. Choose ceramics with affordable prices and high-quality.

Adjust it with the type of bathroom

Ceramics have 4 most common types of coating, namely satin, glossy, textured ceramics, and matte. These four types of ceramics have a rough texture. For the bathroom area, you should choose …


St Andrews International School, a Global Oriented Quality School

In this era, sending children to schools with an international curriculum is increasingly being chosen by parents. Many parents believe that by sending their children to an international school,  children are ready to face global competition.

Magnificent buildings, super-complete facilities, certified teachers, and foreign languages ​​environment are the characteristics of international schools. All these advantages are the reason why parents prefer to send their children to international schools.

The amount of cost that is spent on entering international school is in line with the results to be obtained. When attending international schools, children will get many “advantages” in both subjects and soft skills compared to other children who go to public schools.

What are the advantages?

First, the material taught in international schools will be less than local schools. They only focus on core subjects such as English, Mandarin, chemistry, biology, economics, mathematics, IT, and some subjects that are relevant …